These liquid herbal extracts are hand-made in Asheville, NC from wildcrafted and organically grown plants.
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 Adrenal Energy - Increase endurance and resistance to stress, an adaptogen formula.
  • Nettles, Gotu Kola, Oat seed, Ginseng, Spikenard, Licorice, Calamus
Belly Bliss (formerly "Neutralizing Cordial") - An all-purpose digestive remedy, especially for sour stomach.
  • Rhubarb, Cinnamon, Barberry, Peppermint Spirits, Potassium Carbonate, Simple Syrup, Alcohol

Blood Cleanse - Cleanses toxins and waste products from the blood.
  • Burdock, Red root, Dandelion, Cleavers, Sassafrass, Figwort
Cold Spell - Stimulates the immune system to fight viral infections.
  • Echinacea, Oshá, Red root, Elderberry, Prickly Ash
Cramps Be Gone! - Relaxes muscles and relieves digestive or menstrual cramps.
  • Black Cohosh, Wild Yam, Black Haw, Ginger

​De-Stress - A relaxing formula for stress, anxiety, nerve pain and insomnia.
  • Skullcap, Oat seed, Wood Betony, Kava kava, Valerian, Hawthorn flower
Dental Delight (formerly Teeth & Gums) - Mouth rinse that tightens gums and reduces pain and infection.
  • Yerba manza, Bayberry, Myrrh, Prickly Ash, Glycerine

Digestive Bitters - Taken before meals, improves digestive function.
  • Dandelion, Gentian, Yarrow, Turtlehead, and Cardamom
Einstein Extract - Improves memory, mental clarity, and focus.
  • Ginkgo, Gotu Kola, and Calamus
Feelin’ Groovy - Elevates mood without affecting clarity of thought.
  • St. John’s Wort, Lemon Balm, Kava kava, Ashwagandha, Damiana, Holy Basil
Happy Heart - A blend that nourishes and calms the heart, improving its function.
  • Hawthorn flower and berry, Motherwort, Linden, Rose glycerite

Immune Defense - An immune and lymphatic tonic and preventative.
  • Astragalus, Pau D’arco, Red root, Sassafrass, Echinacea

Joint Grace - A stimulating and anti-inflammatory formula for joint problems.
  • Black Cohosh, Turmeric, Willow, Licorice, Prickly Ash
Liver Love - Promotes proper liver function and detoxification.
  • Dandelion, Milk Thistle, Barberry, Schizandra, Yarrow
Sweet Love Potion A turn-down-the-lights, feel-good blend.
  • Damiana, Rose, Lavender, Vanilla beans, Honey, Rose water

Hot Love PotionAn exciting blend that is more warming and activating than the Sweet Potion.
  • Damiana, Ginseng, Cinnamon, Muira Puama, Vanilla beans, Honey

Pain Ease - A combination that is useful for many kinds of pain.
  • California Poppy, Willow, Skullcap, St. John´s Wort
Parasite Flush - Helps eliminate parasites from the gut.
  • Wormwood, Barberry, Black Walnut, Meadowsweet, Cardamom
Season’s Re-Leaf - Helps with the symptoms of allergies and hay fever.
  • Ragweed, Nettles, Bayberry, Oregon Grape, Horseradish
Sleep Ease A gentle, get-thee-to-bed remedy.
  • Passionflower, Valerian, Hops, Chamomile, California Poppy
Smoke Stop - Helps stop the craving for cigarettes
  • Skullcap, Oat seed, Calamus, Lobelia, Licorice

Strong Lungs - Nourishing and cleansing for the whole respiratory system.
  • Mullein, Astragalus, Spikenard root, Elecampane, Red Clover

Vital Man - Tones the male reproductive system and supports male health.
  • Nettles root, Saw Palmetto, Spikenard root, Damiana, Rhodiola, Hawthorn berry, Ginseng

These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA, nor is this document meant to prescribe or treat any disease. If there is a potentially serious situation or if you are concerned, please consult a health care professional.