Student Clinic Consultations

*** Please note our student clinic will open again in 2019 **

Starting in 2019 // $30 for an hour and a half consultation plus 5 ounces of tincture or comparative medicine

We will be offering high-quality, low-cost consultations through Blue Ridge School of Herbal Medicine's student clinic. This $30 consultation includes both a full evaluation under the supervision of a professional clinical herbalist AND custom formulas valued at over $50. 

The Advanced Clinical Program will start seeing clients every Thursday beginning in April 2019.

​​During a consultation, students, alongside a professional herbalist, will look at many contributing factors to health and disease and use the diagnostic techniques of Chinese medicine as well as considering disease conditions through the western medical perspective. Each individual is unique and two people with the same medical diagnosis may receive very different treatments.

At our school, we're training our students to not just treat the disease, but to treat the person who has the disease.  One of the main focuses of the Advanced Clinic Program is helping aspiring clinical herbalists to look at the whole person to find a pattern of imbalance, and treating that root cause.  By working on this level, a sense of wholeness and well-being can be achieved that is much greater than simply the lack of illness - the whole person is nourished and brought into balance. Instead of attacking disease, herbalists feed the person who has the disease so that their own natural, powerful defenses can come to the fore.

Please email to book an appointment.